Statement from co-President Lila Green: The Insurgency on the U.S. Capitol and Permission Culture.

The benefactors of Permission Culture are seeing their hegemony collapse. The insurrectionists thought of this as their Battle of Jericho. What it actually was has been best phrased by a friend of mine named Damian Harmony: "We may be seeing the likely and predictable reaction of brittle white guys being told “no.”"

There are numerous pictures displaying the flagrant, boastful, venomous, violent, abusive, tyrannical, barbaric, ignorant, repugnant, idiotic, and shameful behavior of the perpetrators of the insurgency. I'm going to focus on the boastful aspect of it. The glee of destruction, the joy in causing pain. Many of these pictures were posted proudly by participants of the insurgency.

They posted pictures of themselves committing federal crimes on the internet?

Yes, they did. And you cannot just explain it away by saying they were stupid, because that's not the reason. They did it because they are used to getting their way, no matter what the means to get it. They are used to doing things where no one stops them. They have been permitted by society again and again and again. Many of them believe they have permission from God.

They are the manifest result of what I am coining here and now as Permission Culture. Permission to expect dominion and control over everyone and everything. Permission to act without consequences. Permission to hurt without consequences. Permission to subjugate, terrorize, objectify, nullify, and annihilate without meaningful penalties. Permission to make mistakes that destroy lives and just back away like it never happened. Permission to have no circumspection. Permission to not even think about the consequences of their actions. Permission to see only themselves as human and everyone else as grades of subhuman, all the way down to object.

Women recognize this person as the Abuser and the Violator. People of Color are familiar with this person as the Hatemonger and the Existential Threat. The vulnerable know this person as the Mocker and the Bully.

There is a gross misconception that the benefactors of Permission Culture represent some massive amount of people. They don't. According to the most recent Census, 50.8% of the United States is female and 39.9% is non-White. If you presume half of that number of non-White people are male, this means approximately 70.75% of the population does not have the privileges, the permission, that 29.25% does. Of that 29.25%, an even smaller percentage represents the group we saw debase the Capitol, those who leverage their Permission to it's full benefit.

If the fact that 70 million people voted for Donald Trump is an argument against my proposition that this is a minority group, it is important to make clear that it is a completely different topic and different issue and if we are ever going to change anything, we have to stop conflating issues. This is the embarrassing end to an embarrassing legacy of a minority group that wielded and unnatural amount of power in this county for far too long. But mind you: it's the end.

Were women involved in this siege? Yes, there were women there. Shame on every single one of them for participating not just in an insurgency against their own nation, but being sycophants to the Abuser and Violator.

The cowards who did this act are another descriptor: unAmerican. To give in and declare "This is America" validates the smirk and arrogance on the faces of all of these criminals. This is NOT America. The United States has the most unique set of founding documents, with core values of civil freedom, that have ever been laid to paper. Just because along the entire journey of the American Experiment, there have been nefarious actors who have tried, again and again, to hijack and corrupt these goals does not mean "This is America."

It means the majority who are America must not accept that. If you are saying, "This is America," you are ceding power. Do not ced the power any longer.

There is a security motto on the New York Subway: if you see something, say something. The only way we will make change is to completely reject this behavior, full stop, no more excuses. Women, people of color, the religiously persecuted, LGBTAIQ, the disabled community, even children at this point, have been seeing something and saying something. If you have benefitted from Permission Culture, stop right now, right in this very moment, and you make others stop. Benefitting from someone else's suffering is a crime against humanity. Those of you out there who are part of the benefitting group, "But that is not me and I reject that behavior!" Reject it in public. There is no more waiting period, there is no more coddling, hand-holding, ego-stroking as the winds of leadership change move toward the equilibrium that nature demands. Do it more, do it every time, do it without fail.

In Act I, Scene V of Hamlet, our eponymous character states, "Time is out of joint/O curs'd spite/that ever I was born/to set it right." Set it right like your nation depended on it.

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