Apply to Participate in the WIIS Global Mentorship Program: July 7th Deadline


Are you interested in being mentored by a professional working in the field of international peace and security? Are you passionate about sharing your knowledge and experience with other professionals?

As part of its mission to promote the professional development of women in the international peace and security field, WIIS will launch a mentorship program for its members. WIIS hopes to connect women professionals and provide members with opportunities to develop their professional skills, grow their network, seek advice, and discuss the challenges and opportunities that they encounter in their line of work.

If you are interested in participating in the WIIS Global Mentorship Program, we invite you to complete the short application provided HERE.

Based on the interest we receive, we will provide additional information about the structure of the mentorship program and help pair you with a mentor/mentee.

For more information on our Mentor and Professional Development Program, please visit WIIS Global's website.

Please note, the WIIS Mentorship Program is open to those who have current memberships. To check whether your membership is current, please email WIIS at

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