Acting Like a Non-Misogynist Grown-Up: U.N. Drops Wonder Woman as an Ambassador

Back in October of 2016, when the UN once again selected another male to be at the helm of the international organization which touts human rights and gender equality as one of it's significant goals, the UN named Wonder Woman as an Ambassador. Fortunately there was much public outcry, which lead to a change of heart...

As the December 13, 2016 New York Times article by Erin McCann wrote: "The United Nations has ended a campaign featuring Wonder Woman as an ambassador for women and girls, two months after the announcement was met with protests and a petition complaining that the fictional superhero was an inappropriate choice to represent female empowerment. In announcing the campaign in October, the United Nations said it was 'about women and girls everywhere, who are wonder women in their own right, and the men and boys who support their struggle for gender equality.' But not everyone saw it that way. Nearly 45,000 people signed a petition protesting the selection." You can continue reading the article here.

#UnitedNations #WomensRights #Leadership

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