Women and Preventing Violent Extremism as the Grassroots Level

NOTE: This Blog post was shared with WIISWest from WIIS Global blog post. It originally appeared on April 8th, 2016 in WarontheRocks.com

Here in Pakistan, Mossarat Qadeem, founder of Paiman Trust, is working at the grassroots level with women, such as mothers, and Madrassa teachers, empowering them to take a stand against violent extremism in their communities. She is advocating for a preventative approach to the type of violent tragedy that recently unfolded in Lahore, where the majority of the 70 victims were women and children.

During this year’s Commission on the Status of Women in March, the role of women as “victims” of violent extremist was a contested subject. Many international civil society activists — long active in the women, peace, and security space — are divided on new policy frameworks to counter and prevent violent extremism. Those who do not support efforts to link gender and preventing violence often argue that efforts to engender countering violent extremism (CVE) result in instrumentalizing or securitizing women — making the “women as victims” narrative stronger. Continue reading here.

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