Does America's National Security Need a Feminist Movement? An Op-Ed by WIISWest Advisory Board

NOTE: This Op-Ed originally appeared in Ms. Magazine Blog on February 25th, 2016. Reprinted with author's permission. The presidential race has fueled raging debates around feminism and misogyny in America. The idea of a woman breaking this glass ceiling has inspired many, but also revealed deep generational fissures in how women view feminism today. In the national security space, the election could usher in the first female commander-in-chief. Yet, we may already be at a tipping point on women’s participation throughout national security ranks, with more and more women entering and filling critical roles. What does this mean for these institutions and the national security policies they create? Just as feminism has become central in this election, it may also become increasingly important in national security as women wield more power in policymaking and determine what it means to be a feminist in these positions. Will women choose to use their voices and influence to push for needed change? Read more here.

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