The WIIS Global network facilitates women's advancement in the field of international peace and security. To do so, we host a variety of events in the Western states open to the public, such as speaker events, professional panels, networking events, book talks and other social gatherings. As a platform for advocacy, change and awareness; WIIS West needs members and affiliates from all walks of life. Help us reach our goal and continue serving our global mission by becoming a member, volunteering or interning today.


There are many different ways to participate with WIIS West and WIIS Global - in your best capacity and for whatever interests you!


Become a WIIS West member and get exclusive access to resources and more!


WIIS West is always looking for bright, motivated professionals to join our team and help us achieve our mission!



WIIS West hosts a variety of events, but in the constant pursuit of fostering relationships with other organizations in the Western region, we also attend a myriad of other events promoting women's leadership and all the aspects of international security we know today (with more emerging on the global stage with each passing day).
 And we encourage you to do the same.

The WIIS West community's talents and interests are as varied as the backgrounds from which each member comes. As we are comprised of a multitude of varied individuals, becoming part of our interconnected, supportive community is great for both networking and finding friends with your specific passions! As is often the case with careers and lives that connect at the intersection of peace and security, most of the WIIS West members you'll meet and become acquainted with may be your new coworker, bilateral or multilateral partner, conference cohost or co-panelist one day down the road. As we are committed to building friendships and networks that last a life time, WIIS West members enjoy a lifetime of diverse opportunities and engagements aimed at contributing to international security.


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“Being a part of WIIS makes me strive to be the best professional I can be. It provides opportunities to learn from and connect with women from a variety of backgrounds. Many of these women have inspired me and reinforce that we are critical contributors in the security space."


“Being able to help hard-working women together, to give them a safe space to meet each other, commune, and build sisterhood; to create a space where men are welcome to join in the conversation and learn in a female-forward environment; to have the privilege to be a pat of the evolution toward balanced, if not majority, female's the greatest privilege.”


“WIIS has been an invaluable community for me, not only because I love new people who are interested in the same things as me, but also because of the immense exposure I’ve gotten through all the cool events, speakers, gatherings and other networking opportunities.”


"As a feminist and male ally, WIIS West is the perfect place for me to work and pursue goals in the women's empowerment space". 




Besides reaping all the awesome benefits of WIIS West membership, there are so many options to make your mark or do your part and see what WIIS West / WIIS Global is all about while serving the community right where you're based out of. This includes helping us host events, managing or producing event logistics, helping spread the word and much more! We welcome you to reach out to us and work with us to see how you can contribute to the WIIS West community.


If interested in a WIIS West internship, find more info here.

If interested in volunteering, please send a resume and one-page proposal on how you'd like to contribute to