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Participate with WIIS West

The WIIS Global network facilitates women's advancement in the field of international peace and security. To further this network and mission, WIIS needs affiliates and members like you.



WIIS West hosts a variety of events, but in the constant pursuit of fostering relationships with other organizations in the Western region, we also attend their events.


And we encourage you to do the same.

The WIIS West Community's talents and interests are as varied as the backgrounds from which each member comes. As we are comprised of a multitude of varied individuals, becoming part of the interconnected WIIS West community is great for both networking and finding friends with your specific passions! 

You can find all events being attended by a member of WIIS West here.

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— Briana Hartley

“Being a part of WIIS makes me strive to be the best professional I can be. It provides opportunities to learn from and connect with women from a variety of backgrounds. Many of these women have inspired me and reinforce that we are critical contributors in the security space.”



Are you interested in volunteering with WIIS West?

Email with a description of your skills, what you would like to do, and how you think the combination of the aforementioned two would contribute to WIIS West.